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Continental Continental Classic Attack

Continental Classic Attack

Modern Radial Performance for your Classic Motorcycle

  • The ContiClassicAttack is a new radial tyre which has been designed to revitalise the performance of classic motorcycles.
  • 0° steel belt construction eliminates tyre growth at speed which vastly improves stabitily and ride comfort.
  • Black Chili Compound offers quick warm up times, short braking distances and excellent grip on both wet and dry roads.
  • MultiGrip Technology improves mileage through a wear resistant central area and progressively increasing grip levels towards the shoulder, with no sudden change in compound.
  • Traction Skin, the revolutionary new micro-rough tread surface, virtually puts an end to tyre break-in. This is possible due to a new tyre mould coating technology which eliminates the need for tyre-release agents.

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