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Michelin Power Cup 2

Power Cup 2

New !!

Designed for the track, approved for the road

  • Maximum grip
  • Performance from the start
  • High performance made to last


Maximum grip
This dual compound tyre offers good straight-line and cornering grip through the use of Dual Compound Technology + (2CT+) on the rear and Dual Compound Technology (2CT) on the front.

Performance from the start
This treaded version of MICHELIN's Power Slick 2, approved for road use, features Synthetic Component Technology (SCT) which promotes ultra-fast warm-up for immediate high performance on road or track without using necessarily tyre warmers.

High performance made to last
Constant high performance, both on road and track thanks to the carbon black compounds in the tread. Already chosen as OE by KTM! Already adopted by KTM on its 890R !

Recommended pressure for track use

Recommended minimum cold pressure

front 2.1 bar (30.5 psi)
rear 1.5 bar (22 psi)

Recommended minimum hot pressure

front 2.4 bar (34.8 psi)
rear 1.7 bar (24.65 psi)


Tyre Size

Price: £