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Road Angel Bike Trac


What is Bike Trac?

Bike Trac is an on-board motion detection device that monitors any unusual movement of your bike and, under the right circumstances, will wake up an on-board GPS receiver to check the current location. If your bike moves and you're not on it an SMS text message and / or an email is sent to you.  The messages will display the current GPS location of your bike so you can act quickly to recover your pride and joy.  It also provides a journey tracking feature allowing you to view detailed information about your 'rides'.

Why choose Bike Trac?

•  Discreet tracking device that lets you remotely monitor the unauthorised movements of your pride and joy, in real-time.
•  Alerts sent to your mobile phone or email indicating actual GPS location, triggered when:
    -  Device moves outside of a geographical area (geo-fence), or
    -  On-board motion sensors detect movement
•  Provides the ability to view breadcrumb trails of all your journeys, including how many miles you've travelled and your (approximate) speeds.
•  Secure online web-portal allows remote real-time monitoring of your bike, also providing the user with the ability to customise automated alerts based on user-configurable events.
•  Can also be used for other vehicles and leisure craft such as caravans, motorhomes and boats.
•  Easy installation – only requires connection to vehicle battery supply an earth source and  ignition (ignition is optional).
•  For short-term use, Bike Trac will last up-to 30 days powered by its internal battery - without connection to a power supply.

Please note that Bike Trac is designed as a UK product, however if needed to operate in other Western European countries, a small additional subscription applies.  This does not include stolen bikes that are taken abroad, as Bike Trac will 'roam', however is dependent on local mobile phone networks and GPS signal for coverage.

Subscription Rates

£99.99 per year
£179.99 for 2 years
£229.99 for 3 years

Fitting Charge

£75.00 (inc VAT) for 90% of bike on the market. Please call for details.

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