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Shido Lightweight Batteries SHIDO LITHIUM ION BATTERIES


Lightweight Race Battery

Lighter = Faster

Shido Lithium Ion batteries are not only the ideal way to upgrade a bikes electrical system, but also the easiest way to shed weight off a motorcycle too. Weighing up to 50% lighter than conventional batteries, with a weight saving of around 2kg on an average superbike, it is the cheapest and easiest weight saving you will make. They are perfect for road, race or the track, this lighter weight helps to improve acceleration, braking, handling and even fuel consumption. Shido Lithium batteries are also safer to you and kinder to the environment since they contain no explosive gases, corrosive acids or toxic heavy metals.

Shido Lithium batteries have 4 cells LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) of 3.2 volts connected in series in order to reach an OCV of 12.8 volts. A perfect voltage to use as a starter battery for motorcycles. The electronic Battery Management System or BMS spread the charge and discharge regularly over the four cells. Thanks to its small internal resistance a Shido Lithium battery can generate a very high starting current with little Ah. This starting power delivers a powerful and quick start of the vehicle. 


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