Delivery Policy

Delivery to most of UK is free with all purchases of £200 or more. For purchases to these areas amounting to less than £200 there is a £12.00 shipping charge. Certain areas of the UK carry additional shipping charges as shown in the table below. If you require delivery to one of the areas mentioned below, or for international orders (outside UK), please phone or email your order so we can calculate accurate postage costs. FWR may split delivery of your order into several parts based on stock availability. You will not be charged extra for this facility.

UK Postage exceptions are:

*stated cost based on a pair of tyres (1 front, 1 rear), exact costs will be calculated on request.

Zone 2 - £36.00

G83 7G83 8G84 0IV10 8IV11 8IV12 4IV12 5IV12 9IV13 7IV14 9IV15 0IV15 9IV16 9IV17 0IV18 0IV18 9IV19 1IV19 9IV2 6IV20 1IV21 2IV22 2IV23 2IV24 3IV25 3IV26 2IV27 4IV27 9IV28 3IV30 1IV30 4IV30 5IV30 6IV30 8IV30 9IV31 6IV32 7IV36 1IV36 2IV36 3IV36 9IV4 7IV40 8IV5 7IV52 8IV53 8IV54 8IV6 7IV63 6IV63 7IV7 8IV8 8IV9 8KW1 4KW1 5KW10 6KW11 6KW12 6KW13 6KW14 7KW14 8KW14 9KW2 6KW3 6KW5 6KW6 6KW7 6KW8 6KW9 6PA21 2PA22 3PA23 7PA23 8PA23 9PA24 8PA25 8PA26 8PA27 8PA28 6PA28 9PA29 6PA30 8PA31 8PA31 9PA32 8PA33 1PA34 4PA34 5PA34 9PA35 1PA36 4PA37 1PA38 4PH17 2PH19 1PH20 1PH21 1PH22 1PH23 3PH24 3PH25 3PH26 3PH26 9PH30 4PH31 4PH32 4PH33 6PH33 7PH33 9PH34 4PH35 4PH36 4PH37 4PH38 4PH39 4PH40 4PH41 4PH49 4PH50 4

Zone 3 - £54.00

HS1 2HS1 9HS2 0HS2 9HS3 3HS4 3HS5 3HS6 5HS7 5HS8 5HS9 5IV41 8IV42 8IV43 8IV44 8IV45 8IV46 8IV47 8IV48 8IV49 9IV51 0IV51 9IV55 8IV56 8KA27 8KA28 0KW15 1KW15 9KW16 3KW16 9KW17 2PA20 0PA20 9PA41 7PA42 7PA43 7PA44 7PA45 7PA46 7PA47 7PA48 7PA49 7PA60 7PA61 7PA62 6PA63 6PA64 6PA65 6PA66 6PA67 6PA68 6PA69 6PA70 6PA71 6PA72 6PA73 6PA74 6PA75 6PA76 6PA77 6PA78 6PH41 2PH42 4PH43 4PH44 4TR21TR22TR23TR24TR25ZE1 0ZE1 9ZE2 9ZE3 9

Zone 4 - £48.00

Northern Ireland BT postcodes

Zone 5 - £24.00

Isle of Wight postcodes


If you are requiring postage to a unique location, please call the shop on 020 7820 7818 so we can advice on correct postage

Next day delivery available

Credit Cards Accepted