Are there any parts on your motorbike more important than your brakes? 

It pays to look after your brakes.  From keeping on top of pad wear and piston movement, to the condition of your master cylinder seals and brake hoses.  If any individual component of your motorcycle brake set up isn't performing at 100%,  you're not only taking a risk but you're also unlikely to be as confident as you could be on the road or racetrack.

Brake Pads

We hold a large range of SBS motorcycle brake pads as well as other manufacturers. Call us with your requirements - If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we can get them for you usually by the following day.

Brake Pad Replacement
Whilst we can offer a fast-fit service, at FWR we take pride in our work and believe your safety is paramount. With this in mind, we are not like other workshops that spend 30 seconds spraying brake cleaner onto the pistons and fitting the pads into a dirty caliper.
We prefer to clean the caliper pistons to remove all road grime, dirt, and build-up of corrosion. Once this is completed, we re-grease the pistons and replace the pad.
Depending on the state of your caliper(s), we will advise on the time required to get you safely back on the road.
Whether you're looking to get the most out of your OEM motorcycle brakes or upgrading to aftermarket parts, FWR can give you the advice and services necessary to make sure your motorcycle brakes are working safely and efficiently.

Motorcycle Caliper Rebuild Service
Our brake caliper rebuild service will get your brakes performing at their best. Over time, the piston seals can become brittle and split or tear, and the Pistons become corroded and damaged through general wear and tear.
Our team of specialist Technicians will carefully strip your caliper down to its component parts and inspect the damage to decide which parts need replacing. Using our heated ultrasonic parts washer to clean the caliper, we then reassemble with new seals and use quality brake caliper grease to ensure your brakes operate smoothly and reliably for many miles to come. Our brake caliper rebuilds mean that your brakes will feel as good as new.
We can offer this as a ride-in, ride-out service or you can bring your loose calipers to our workshop where we can carry out a full service and rebuild. Our prices include all the required parts (new pressure seals, dust seals, bleed nipples, caliper half seals and dust covers).

Motorcycle Brake Fluid Replacement
Over time the efficiency and ability of your braking system will decrease as your brake fluid goes through heat cycles. As part of your motorcycle servicing schedule your brake fluid will be replaced but often this is missed. At FWR, as part of your service, we will use a specialist device to check the moisture content of your brake fluid and replace if necessary.  

Brake Performance Upgrades
We are Brembo and Accossato approved stockist, but we can advise you on any manufacturer's aftermarket parts and upgrades. Based on years of track and road riding we can advise you honestly on the upgrades we feel would benefit you. 
Whether it’s as simple as performance brake pads and a fluid change, or an upgraded Master cylinder, caliper, and brake disc, we can offer you honest advice on what best to purchase for your requirements. 
Motorcycle brake parts aren't cheap, so tell us what you're looking to get out of your braking system, and we'll highlight the tweaks and upgrades which will give you the best value for money.

Brake Disc Replacement
If your brake discs are due for replacement, FWR can supply OEM or after-market brake discs at competitive prices which are usually delivered the next working day.

If you are unsure as to whether you need any of the above, please pop in for a non-obligation inspection which we offer for FREE.

To book in for any of these services please call our friendly team on 020 7820 7818 or use the Contact Us button below so we can contact you:
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