The key to getting the most from your chain and sprockets is to keep up with regular maintenance which essentially is chain lubrication and adjustment.

When you fit a new chain, you should also fit new sprockets as it’s likely your old sprockets will wear your new chain out a lot quicker. Any new chain will also need adjusting, especially after the first couple of hundred miles, as it will loosen as the links bed in.

We supply and fit chain & sprocket kits for most makes and models of motorcycle.  We also offer a range of kits, from heavy-duty chains to lightweight sprockets.

We recommend and supply premium brands such as JT sprockets and DID heavy duty chains.  We hold a large stock of both for most motorcycles but it’s always best to call ahead and book in so that we can ensure we have the right kit for your needs.  If we don’t have the kit we can usually obtain it for you ready to fit the next working day.

Chain and Sprocket Fitting Prices

The price may vary as this will depend on the size and ‘weight’ of the chain. The weight isn’t literally how much it weighs but more an indicator of the power that the chain is designed to handle.

All motorcycles vary so we don’t have a fixed price to fit however, below we have listed guide prices so please call us to get a quote for your bike.

Small bikes - For smaller capacity bikes including 125cc motorcycles we recommend DID chains.

Large capacity motorcycles (500cc +) - We recommend DID X ring chains (gold/black). 

Race / Track Day Motorcycles - We recommend a 520 conversion DID VXMX or DID ERV3 X ring chains (both gold/gold).

We offer a FREE chain inspection, adjustment, and lubrication to all regular FWR customers.


The following prices are guidelines for a kit comprising of JT Sprockets and a DID Chain (fitted to the bike and including VAT.)

Learner and Mopeds (up to and including 125cc) – JT 428 (Black) Chain & Sprockets – From £99.

Small Capacity Motorcycles (125cc – 500cc) – DID X Ring VXGB -520 (Gold/Black) Chain & Sprockets – From £139

Mid Capacity Motorcycles (500cc – 750cc) – DID X Ring VXGB -525 (Gold/Black) Chain & Sprockets – From £149

Larger Capacity Motorcycles (750cc+) – X Ring VXGB -530 (Gold/Black) Chain & Sprockets – From £159

Race / Track Day Motorcycles – X Ring ZVMX -520 (Gold/Gold) Chain & Sprockets with JT alloy rear sprocket – From £179

For an exact price please contact us with the make and model of your machine or fill out an enquiry form. 

To obtain an exact quote specific to your bike and requirements please call or fill out a contact enquiry form. 

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