Aside perhaps from tyres, no other component will affect your motorcycle's steering and handling more than the bearings inside the bike's steering head (where the fork meets the frame).

Few other parts have as much influence over the way your bike steers and handles.  Every steering input you make or receive passes directly through those bearings, so if your once stable machine is now handling like a piece of agricultural equipment, FWR are on hand to help.

How will I know when they need replacing?

When your bike was first assembled, its steering-head bearings were smeared with fresh grease to lubricate the bearings whilst acting as a cushion between the bearing rollers and their races to prevent corrosion damage. Over time and helped along by the British weather as well as repeated high pressure washing, the grease tends to dry up (or be washed out).

As soon as the grease is gone or rendered useless by old age, the bearing rollers stop rotating and start skidding. Once that happens, it's only a matter of time before the bearings are dented, the steering notchy and vague and the handling becomes unmanageable.

This process normally takes several years or more to occur on a brand-new motorcycle, where some riders adapt to the situation and are usually unaware that anything's amiss until someone else points it out to them or major damage has been done. 

If not initially obvious, this can be identified by the steering becoming stiff in the centre point and whilst riding your bike will tend to follow undulations in the road (like you’re in ruts).

Each motorcycle manufacturer recommends the head race bearings are inspected every 2 to 4 years, here at FWR we can offer this as a standalone check, or as part of a routine service.

Replacement Costs

Should you need your Headstock Bearings replaced, we can advise, source and supply OEM or aftermarket kits to suit your make and model of motorcycle.

Depending on your motorcycle or scooter, this job can take between 1 to 3 hours of labour, plus parts. 

  • After-market bearings can cost around £45 per kit inc VAT
  • OEM Bearings start from £60 per kit inc VAT

To find out more about this service please call us on 020 7820 7818 or use the Contact Us link below.

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