With our professional motorcycle puncture repair service, we’ll remove the offending item (usually a nail or a screw but we have seen the odd door key and most recently a vape device kit believe it or not!). We will also check the tyre for any other defects and carry out a professional road-legal repair. 

This will require us to remove the wheel and tyre so we can insert the TUV approved plug from the inside of the tyre, and then re-fit the tyre back to your wheel.

There are times when a tyre can’t be repaired, these instances include where the puncture is through the sidewall, is too close to the sidewall, the protruding object has entered the tyre at an angle, or the tyre itself is close to the legal wear limit.

If a puncture repair falls into one of the above cases, it would not be safe or legal for us to carry out a repair on your tyre. In most cases we can identify whether a puncture is repairable or not before taking your wheel off. 

However, in some cases we cannot determine the severity of the damage caused until the tyre is off the wheel.

Where a repair is possible, we’ll always be able to fix it.

You don't need to call us, all we ask is that you arrive no later than one hour before our closing time and we will do our best to fit you in as quickly as possible. 

Note: We only offer this service for tubeless rear tyres.

Next day delivery available

Credit Cards Accepted