At FWR we stock the following specialist oils and filters:


During every service, unless otherwise instructed, we will always replace the oil and filter in your motorcycle according to the manufacturer’s specification.

How important is it to change the oil at the recommended intervals?

Changing oil at the recommended interval is important because first and foremost, oil wears out over time because of the additives contained in the ingredients.

Secondly, oil degrades over time so if you are doing less miles, or your bike has been standing for a period of time, every manufacturer recommends the oil is changed regularly, even outside of a specific service.

Scooter Oil Changes

We offer a fixed price oil change at £17.50 inc. VAT based on using 1 litre of oil. 

Some other workshops offer this service at a cheaper rate however, unlike other workshops, at FWR we always drain the old oil correctly and use quality products.

This process avoids the oil breaking down quicker resulting in you having to replace the oil more often.

Book Your Motorcycle or Scooter In

To book your Motorcycle or Scooter in for this service or any other work to be carried out you can call us on 020 7820 7818 or you can use our Contact Us booking form below.

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