Your motorcycle’s wheel bearings can last for up to 100,000 miles or more if they’re looked after, but the Great British weather and occasional jet washing can blow the grease out if you’re not careful.

When we work on any motorcycle, one of the first tasks our technicians carry out is to check both front and rear wheel bearings for any movement.  If the bearings are found to have any “play” in them, we would undertake further investigation at the permission of the customer.

Replacing the wheel bearings is normally a straightforward job that takes around 30 minutes per wheel and can be completed as a ride-in / ride-out service or as part of a service or pre-MOT check.

Alternatively, if you wish you bring loose wheels into us, we can also do this as a while you wait job.

If in doubt of the condition of your wheel bearings, this does form as part of our FREE 45-point health check where we can identify any issues and book you in.

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